Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mini-series: how and why I created my blogs: The OTR Buffet

I've been asked to talk about my blogs; how and why I created them and the evolution of them.

I will release these in a series.  The first podcast will be about the OTR Buffet and how that all first came about.


©Jimbo, 2012


Boston Blackie said...

Thanks for the compliment. However, you are the one that should be complimented as the buffet is great. It has so much stuff on otr including the pictures which were not readily available elsewhere. Loved the reviews of shows too. Go Rangers as my Cubs are not doing well at all.

Jimbo said...
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Jimbo said...

Sorry about the Cubs! :(

I seriously think I would have quit long ago doing the websites if not for your constant encouragement and help.

Whatever good has come out of the sites, I feel you get half the credit as you always encouraged me, gave me ideas, let me bounce things off of you - plus you wrote for me and with me. All of those things in the first 2-3 months really encouraged me to keep going.

You were there everyday and I will always remember that!