Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lum and Abner: An angry fan talks honestly

95% me talking - 5% clips; today I am full of beans!

In this podcast, I take an honest and upfront look at Lum and Abner and point out all of the flaws with the show and ask some burning, scathing questions.

I put real emotion and feelings into this podcast. You will cry, you will laugh; the podcast today comes from my heart.

I love Lum and Abner but enough is enough!

Since today's podcast is a bit different, I would appreciate your comments (you can post anonymously if you'd like.)

{{{HEAR}}} ©Jimbo, 2011


Anonymous said...

I did listen to the podcast and needed to reply. First of all your passion for the show is certainly there. As you described the events that caused you problems, like Mary disappearing and never heard of again, and all the broken legs that they seemed to have forgotten. Don’t get upset with me, but, I laughed and laughed. Why, because it is just like today’s soaps. I hate to admit this, my wife and I watch All My Children and the things you describe about Lum and Abner happens all the time on this show. They redo things that happened several years ago as if they are new today. That bothers us as we feel they think we are idiots and do not remember them. So listening to your podcast was a barrel of laughs for me. I can relate to them. It is also too bad that I do relate to them. I often ask why do we continue to watch this show. It is close to cancellation so it probably won’t be for too much longer.

Needless to say, I enjoyed this podcast over all your previous ones and I do not even listen to Lum & Abner. Your passion was great and the presentation or delivery was very effective. Thanks for the entertainment. Probably not in the nature you thought you were providing it, but, fun never the less.

Jimbo said...

Thanks for the comments and I was just being myself - maybe I should "be myself" instead of reading my podcast. :) I'll try that next time.

faaus72 said...



As a longtime fan of the boys, your critique is SPOT ON!!

It's especially valid because the very foundation of the (15-minute) shows was MINUITIAE! Since we loved them for the detailed accounts, we MUST hate the nonsequiters of plotlines and character development.

I applaud that podcast and your entire body of work.